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Simply fill out the form below to schedule a phone consultation. From there we can arrange for a complementary trial class.

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It’s incredibly important to maintain a good rhythm of study outside of school - prepare yourself to go back to school and achieve a high grade.

My experience has been that many students actually fail to live up to their potential in years 9 and 10. By the time year 11 arrives, it can be difficult to get to the required level. Private tuition offers a way to stay on track. 

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After attending the University of Oxford on an academic scholarship, I have amassed eleven years of tuition experience. For the last five years I've been teaching online. Back in 2015 I was one of the earliest adopters of online tuition. I have delivered thousands of hours of classes to hundreds of students in this format.



The forgetting curve demonstrates how students will forget 90% of new material within one week without revision.

This is a particular concern at the moment as students have missed months of school and for many students the teaching provision has been less than optimal.  

Private tuition is proven to improve learner outcomes making it an ideal solution. 

Testimonials and results


“Lawrence honestly made education fun for me again. After a terrible secondary school experience left me with a U in Maths and a F in English, I was reluctant to try for them again. However, after a few lessons with Lawrence I already had a better idea of these subjects than I ever had in my secondary school. I now have a grade 4 in Maths and a grade 7(!) in English Language.”


“Lawrence was highly professional in his tutoring and always looked to stretch her to give higher grade answers.


He used set lessons to teach Holly a more methodical approach to English Language which was ideal for her learning style.

With Lawrence’s help Holly was well prepared for her GCSE’s and went onto achieve a 7 in English Language and an 8 in English Literature. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lawrence.


“Lawrence supported my son in passing his resit English Language GCSE during a six week period leading up to the exams taking place in November. I have no doubt that the structure Lawrence put into place for my son along with working on exam technique created the positive result we were looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend Lawrence as a tutor.”


 Who do I work with? 

I have created a premium service that is accessible to students at different levels according to their requirements and the level of investment that families wish to make. 

I have two prerequisites for these services:

1 - Committed parental support - it's very important that parents are involved in the process.

2 - Students who are willing to make the most of the opportunity to do an in depth, online tuition program.



The courses available offer different levels of service and come with different fee-structures. 

I can supply a breakdown of charges via email.

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