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French and Spanish

Both GCSE and A-level French and Spanish exams are assessed by written and oral examination. With the introduction of the 1-9 grading system, students are no longer required to submit coursework at GCSE level. A-level students are required to complete coursework on one of the following domains: literature, cinema, theatre, culture or politics.

There are two papers that students can sit: the Foundation Tier paper on which the maximum grade a student can achieve is a 5 and the Higher Tier paper which allows candidates to score up to a grade 9.  

My Approach


When students begin classes, I spend the first couple of sessions working through comprehension and written exercises. After this I will then plot a course of study based on developing the required areas of language.

Functional Approach

I take an extremely functional approach to language learning. Language learning has been one of the great passions in life and as a result I have used many different learning strategies over the years. Some are certainly more effective than others so I use the most efficient strategies with students.  

Closely monitored progress

I take a record of the topic covered in each session and how the student fared in practice.  In this way, I'm able to build a file on the students progress over the course of the year. Naturally this also enables me to track which topics have been covered and which we still need to cover. If I work with a year eleven student for an entire academic year then I will aim to cover all topics on the syllabus across the academic year as well as spending at least two months focusing on practice papers. 


Collaborative structure

It's important that students are proactive in the way that they approach the tuition. I will set the structure for classes, but if students have been struggling with a particular topic at school, we will spend time working on it.


​Last year was a particularly successful cohort of students at GCSE and A-level. Within this group there most students I worked with exclusively online. As with all subjects, while I'm thrilled to be able to achieve these results with students, there is so much more that students take from a course of tuition than just a final grade. 

If you'd like to discuss this further, please drop me a message below.

Thanks for those details - I'll be in touch soon.

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