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Advantages of online tuition for pupils, parents and tutors

Updated: Aug 17

In this short post I'll briefly outline the three main benefits of online tuition for students, parents and tutors.

Advantages for students:

  1. Online tuition is highly effective. My experience has been that online tuition has provided students with the most effective way of learning, developing and refining academic skills. With a video link, a shared white-board and an hour or more to do some focused learning, students can zone in and work in a really intensive manner with their tutor.

  2. Online tuition is easy to fit into a student's busy schedule. After-school activities, social activities and homework all place demands on a pupil's time. Online tuition is the most efficient way to access tuition. You simply login at the time of the class and logout at the end. This saves time for students who would often have to travel to a tutor's house or office for classes.

  3. Online tuition allows students to get immediate feedback. Students can have tutors assess their work and supplement school work in a very interactive way. Students can upload homework assignments, message or email tutors their questions or exam scripts and complete tasks on the online whiteboard. This extra feedback and refinement allows students to progress on a week-to-week basis.

Advantages for Parents:

  1. Online tuition is highly convenient. There is no need to drop-off and pick-up students from tuition centres of tutor's homes. There is no need to have a tutor come to your house at a time when you would prefer to be relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. Your children simply login to their class, work with the tutor and then log back out. Meanwhile parents can enjoy some time to themselves.

  2. Geography is no longer a limitation. In many parts of the UK, it may be difficult to source the calibre of tutor that you're looking for. For example, outside of major cities it may be quite difficult to find a tutor with expertise in Oxbridge preparation. With online tuition, parents can source the tutor that they believe is going to provide their child with the highest level of tuition regardless of location. This is a huge advantage for parents in my view. Parents no longer have to stick to what is available locally, they can go online and find a subject expert with a proven track-record.

  3. Online tuition encourages proactive children. The process of logging into classes, working on problems, writing, reading, researching and discussing largely replicates the way the world of work is developing. This is increasingly the way that people will be working in the future, so why not allow pupils to adapt to this way of working while they are still in education.

Advantages for Tutors:

  1. Scheduling is easier. Online tuition allows tutors to schedule classes one after the other in a very efficient way. Rather than trekking around your city, you can simply log on and begin working with students. This increased time efficiency allows you to have more impact by working with a higher volume of students.

  2. Online tuition will make you a better tutor. The focus of online delivery and the necessity for well structured and timed classes will make you a better tutor. I know that taking my business online encouraged me to up my own game as a tutor. After many years of teaching certain subjects, the process had become almost too comfortable. Changing over to an online mode of delivery encouraged me to go back to my tuition practice, refine my course materials, create even better prepared lessons and to seek out new resources for students.

  3. You can focus more on your subject specialism and area of academic interest. As there is simply a greater pool of students online, over time you can attract the students that require the subjects that you want to teach the most. Many tutors, myself included, will tutor a range of subjects, but everyone has their specialist subjects, areas in which they have a level of expertise that goes beyond what might be expected. Over time, online tuition will allow you to develop a tuition list that reflects your areas of academic interest.

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