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Education in Sheffield

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Although I work increasingly with students from all over the UK and overseas, a significant percentage of the students that I work with are from my home town of Sheffield. I know the system well in the city so I thought it might be interesting to review some of the education options on offer.

University of Sheffield:

The University of Sheffield has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of decades. The University is now a globally recognised institution attracting students and researchers from all over the world. The University offers rigorous undergraduate programs across the humanities and sciences and boasts prestigious medical and law faculties. In keeping with the cities history as an engineering hub, the engineering department boasts one of the most distinctive university buildings in the UK: the Diamond The University also consistently tops the rankings for student satisfaction, boasting the most well-equipped and dynamic student union in the country. For secondary school students considering their future, there is a world class institution right on their doorstep.

Sheffield Hallam University:

Sheffield Hallam University is home to dynamic and industry-orientated courses across a range of academic and vocational disciplines including engineering, computer sciences, accounting, finance, law and nursing. The university also offers a number of in demand courses creative courses in digital media, art and design. The University has some of the best links to industry out of any institution in the UK - most students graduate with significant industry experience under their belt.

Sheffield College:

Sheffield College provides a gateway to young people wanting to go into further education or into a career. The college provides both academic courses and vocational training. On the academic side, as well as A-levels, the college also provides a large number of students with an avenue to re-sit core GCSE exams. Each year I work with many students looking for further support with the re-sit process. The overall pass-rate for students that work with me as a private tutor in addition to attending college is around 87%. To put this in context, the national average pass-rate for re-sit students solely attending a college course is around 20-25%. This statistic is one of the aspects of my tuition practice that has given me most enjoyment. To help students that had previously failed achieve a pass-grade is an amazing process. Sheffield State Schools:

Obviously there are dozens of secondary schools in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. I work with students coming from a variety of different schools, from the well known, high-achieving schools in West Sheffield such as Silverdale, Tapton, High-Storrs to some of the newer institutions such as Sheffield Park Academy or UTC Sheffield City Centre. Regardless of which school students are coming in from, private tuition offers a level of attention and support that many students find incredibly useful in their education. Regardless of the efforts and skills of teaching staff, there is simply no way for school to offer students one-to-one support with the kind of dedication and focus that is provided by a professionalised private tuition service. Students can then go back into the school environment with greater confidence. Sheffield Private schools:

There are several well-established private schools in Sheffield, most notably The Sheffield High School for Girls, Westbourne School and Birkdale School. All three have long and dynamic histories and have a long-list of successful and in some cases, well-known alumni. The school exam results are exceptionally strong and students participate in a number of extra-curricular projects and activities in order to develop in a well-rounded way. While the schools are fee-paying institutions, they remain active in the community and allow students the freedom to develop along their own lines. Even students attending fee-paying schools benefit from private tuition for the reasons listed above - at some point, most students could use a little extra assistance.

Private Tuition:

Having worked as a private tutor since 2010 I have seen the industry make tremendous strides over the last decade. What used to be a highly elitist sector has now become mainstream. In 2013 I opened my doors as a private tutor in the city and in 2015 opened my own tuition centre in Ranmoor. From the beginning the internet has played an important role in helping to make students and parents aware of the service. Since 2015 I have also been working with students online and in September 2019 I switched to online only tuition. I have another post on the benefits of online tuition for students and families. In addition to classes, I have also set up an online school which allows English GCSE students to access a comprehensive video and text course.

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