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What is online tuition like?

Updated: Aug 17

Generally speaking, online tuition has all of the features of face-to-face tuition as well as many other features. Over time, I have come to appreciate the extra possibilities that online tuition offers students, families and tutors.

Features of online tuition

Having taught online for the last five years, I decided to make a video to break-down the process for parents, students and anyone who is interested. The video was made late on a Sunday night, so I hope you will understand the relaxed delivery. In any case, I think it illustrates the process better than I can in writing.

The features discussed in the video are the following:

  1. Video Link

  2. Shared online whiteboard

  3. Upload resources and material

  4. Sharing and giving feedback in real time

  5. Saving class notes

  6. My own story in private tuition

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